I have always been what many would probably call an artist.  And yes, I like to refer to myself as one.  We all have particular talents and mine happens to be art related.  I think in terms of color, composition, light, and texture rather than numbers.  Eeeek math!  I enjoy finding images that are pleasing to the eye and that inspire wonder, desire, or glee.  My hope, for the moment, is that my designs feel original and pleasing not only to myself, but for viewers as well, of course.

I feel compelled to create everyday.  So much inspires my mind.  Although actually putting pen or paintbrush to paper can be more of an actual challenge.  Sometimes limitless possibilities can feel paralyzing.  But when a concept starts to take shape it’s bliss.  Here is where I share my ideas with the hope that it makes others smile.

And because I know I wonder when reading other blogs, I have a degree in fashion design and live…to be answered shortly.